New Outlook Publishers and Distributors, Inc. was started in 1968 by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) to publish small pamphlets and booklets (approximately 100 pages or less) on topics of interest to the working class. The pamphlets expressed the views of CPUSA leaders. Some famous examples include The Dollar Crisis: What It Means to You, by Victor Perlo (1968), Liberation Today by Claude Lightfoot (1969), and pamphlets by party leaders Henry Winston and Gus Hall. Prior to New Outlook, the CPUSA operated New Century Publishers which published The Plot to Gag America (1949) by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, known as “The Rebel Girl.” CPUSA later abandoned the title of New Outlook for their current publishing house.

To honor this great American Communist tradition, the Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) named it’s publishing house New Outlook Publishers. We are in the process of reprinting the many small books and pamphlets that were written by the revolutionary Communists of the CPUSA. The PCUSA is not affiliated in any way with the current CPUSA because it has ceased being a revolutionary vanguard party of a new type as outlined by V.I. Lenin.